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artHARARE will showcase photographic work at the 2024 edition of the Investec Cape Town Art Fair under the theme ‘Mushika-shika’ with works by Wonai Haruperi, Nothando Chiwanga, Lennox  Makurumidze, Tinotenda Chamuka, Martina Gruber and  Kudakwashe Chakwada.  The exposition will invite the audience to explore the city of Harare through the lens of photography from a ‘mushikashika’ taxi. Mushikashika is the name given to an illegal taxi vehicle that are prevalent in Harare. The photographs are displayed on vehicle windows, windshields, mirrors and side mirrors that frame the city scenes.


In the heart of a bustling Harare metropolis, photography becomes the visual narrator, framing the dynamic scenes that define the essence of urban life. Through the lens, these photographers become both observers and interpreters, distilling the energy, diversity, and vibrancy of the city into frozen moments that tell us compelling stories.


The photographs in this exhibition serves as a powerful medium to document the kaleidoscope of urban experiences. Wonai Haruperi’s photographs encapsulates the architectural marvels that pierce the skyline, while Lennox Makurumidze’s work show the eclectic street life that pulses with activity, and Martina Gruber’s work shows the interplay of light and shadow that paints the cityscape in ever-changing hues.


Kudakwashe Chakwada, Tinotenda Chamuka and Nothando Chiwanga’s work freezes the candid expressions of passersby, the rhythmic flow of traffic, and the juxtaposition of the old and new that characterizes urban evolution. 


In all, these photographers wield the unique ability to highlight the overlooked, uncovering the beauty in the mundane or the extraordinary within the ordinary. 

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