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About artHARARE

artHARARE stands as the premier platform for experiencing contemporary art practice from Zimbabwe and its Diaspora. Established by  Richard Mudariki in 2020, amidst the art world's adaptation to digitisation and the growing interest in contemporary African art, its core objectives are to serve as the foremost destination for engaging with contemporary artworks and artists from Zimbabwe while actively participating in the global cultural and artistic dialogue.


Since its inception, artHARARE has cultivated a profound sense of community pride among local artists while fostering national pride for Zimbabwean artists in the Diaspora. It has also played a pivotal role in expanding audiences for Zimbabwean artists and facilitating the inclusion of their works in prominent international art collections. Through its diverse programs, artHARARE has facilitated dialogues and debates among artists and cultural producers, both locally and globally, nurturing the exchange of new ideas and providing valuable networking opportunities.


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