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About artHARARE

artHARARE is the premier platform to exprience contemporary art practice from Zimbabwe and its Diaspora. Established by Richard Mudariki in 2020 in the wake of the adaptation of the art world to digitisation, alongside the rising interest in contemporary African art and artists,  its main objectives are to be the pre-eminent platform to experience and engage with contemporary artworks and artists from Zimbabwe as well as to participate in the global cultural and artistic dialogue.

Over the past few years since its establishment, artHARARE has created a strong sense of community pride for local artists, as well as national pride for Zimbabwean artists who are in the Diaspora. At the same time, it has developed new audiences for Zimbabwean artists and facilitated acquisitions of local artists work into leading international art collections. Through its programs, it has enabled artists and cultural producers to dialogue and debate among themselves as well with other art professionals across the world, encouraging new ideas and providing opportunities to network.

The inaugural edition of artHARARE showcased over thirty leading artists living and working in Zimbabwe, South Africa, France, UK, Canada and the United Sates of America. In 2021, it called on artists to respond to Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe, as a catalyst and incubator for relational aesthetics between art and the city, and engagements with transitions and continuities in the city and their historicity. Thirty-one artists from varying disciplines exhibited, presenting works resonating with multiple perspectives and constructs of a post-colonial city and its hybrid mix of culture, politics and modernity.


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