Richard Mudariki

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Born in Seke, Zimbabwe, Richard Mudariki studied painting under the mentorship of renowned Zimbabwean artists Hellen Leiros and Greg Shaw in Harare. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Archaeology. He currently works and lives between Harare, Cape Town and Paris. Richard’s goal as a painter is quite simple – to organically create original works of art whilst enjoying the creative process. He is greatly concerned with understanding his medium and creating artworks that are relevant to the times that we live in, bold, ambitious, enlightening, challenging but at the same time visually appealing. His desire is to create artworks that stand on its own and that have a strong universal message. His paintings are often polemical, highlighting and critiquing the political and social situations in contemporary Africa and beyond. He notes that his inspiration comes from his experiences with spaces, societies, individuals and events.