Martina Gruber


Artist Statement

“Born and educated in Austria, Zimbabwe became my adopted (on and off) home since 1992. I am a photographer, social anthropologist, traveller, a wanderer, a gatherer of inspiration from journeys. As an artist, I explore the medium of still and moving images and am drawn to the seemingly unremarkable, peoples; stories, reflections and the wide view. With my work, I capture instants of life in my current surroundings. I invite the viewer to enter into a dialogue with the silent images, or to interpret it in Kurt Tucholsky’s words, “the recordings of these moments of journey seduce to arouse a longing for life.” My photography serves to convey experiences, moments, encounters, observations. But it can do a lot more - teach tolerance, tell stories about borders and new freedoms because our thoughts are almost always faster than our eyes and distort our image.”