Greg Shaw



Shaw’s body of work ranges from digital drawings to large scale works incorporating traditional and non-traditional media. Whilst personal themes such as the confrontation with cancer and a violent assault have punctuated his practice, he is predominantly concerned with the structures that create and condition these experiences; the socio-political dimensions of his native Zimbabwe. He has a persisting fascination with the concept of ‘land’, as the geographical arena of his existence but also as ‘place’, defined as a nation state, marked into territories, carved up, politicised and commodified. These themes have underpinned his investigations and given rise to the materials and media that have dominated his work in recent years, employing juxtapositions of fragile, soil-infused tissue, razor wire, wood, earth and metals. Combinations  that create abstract, symbolic references to power and violence and speak to continued histories of conflict and exclusion, that evoke references to the land, fragility of existence, decay and human endeavour. He maintains a strong interest in drawing as a fundamental aspect of both visual communication and understanding and sees his work in relation to the archetypical human endeavour of making marks to evidence existence. There is the intention that these become records of an individual perception, records of trauma, of resilience and celebration of this ‘place’.