Garth Meyer


Artist Statement

“Borderlands and Political Ecology: a photographic exploration of environment space, territories, boundaries and power near the imaginary line of the equator.

For several years I have photographed primary hardwood forests along the imaginary line of the equator to communicate, persuade and warn of the continued ecological destruction that is occurring along this line. My plan was to capture arcadian visions of equatorial hardwood primary forests before they are destroyed (an act of documentation and advocacy even), and to show how this arcadian vision is disrupted by a more dystopian one. The images in this project were taken in three areas that circle the equator: Southeast Asia, Africa and South America, where over half the world’s rainforests are concentrated and which I visited in order to follow the line. Line is an attempt to understand the current pressures on the equatorial environment and create a photographic exploration of ecology that highlights and foregrounds land, space, territories, boundaries and power. For this, my field of study and research considers ecology through the theory and lens of photography.”

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