Duncan Wylie



“Entropy is at the heart of my pictorial process, but it doesn’t serve to describe a negative state of affairs, but on the contrary to affirm my faith in paint and the force with which the medium can question and speak of the flux and rapid change of our era. Thus the ‘event’ that happens in the painting re-enforces structurally what’s happening in the process of the image making itself. This game of mimetism between the action of the image and the pictorial gesture dynamises the painted image: something is happening on the surface of the painting, the pictorial “event” reflects what’s happening in my head and in my painting, and simultaneously in the world around us. By multiplying the documentary sources of my images, the painting avoids description: it engenders its own details and debris. The finished work doesn’t refer back to a specific place, but to a more generic and universal idea.I paint from images from all sources - models, images found in the press, internet, with no hierarchy, and the protocol in the studio is to paint image over image: when two or more images intersect on the iconic surface of the canvas paint frees itself from the image. Painting becomes for me a spontaneous metalanguage, permitting me to take on important subjects that speak about our time.”